Saturday, 11 February 2012

wayne is a bandito

The past few weeks have involved much hilarity, courtesy of shows from Henry Rollins (described as "a masterclass in controlled contempt" by the Bristol Evening Post), Stewart Lee (described as "smug elitist liberalism. Who is this cunt?" by Tokyofist, youtube) and a family wedding (not hilarious in and of itself, but we did have fun dancing badly to rubbish music and drunkenly reorganising the hotel's DVD collection in order of colour).

But mostly, the past few weeks have involved a lot of Orks.

At the last update, I was running dangerously behind schedule. But thanks to a few late nights and uneventful weekends, I now find myself slightly ahead of schedule; thus affording me the opportunity to babble pointlessly about all the Orks I've painted, and putting myself back behind schedule as a consequence. Which is good, as without the artificially induced panic of being behind schedule I'd have almost no chance of getting finished ahead of schedule. Probably.

Anyway, here are some stormboyz...

...shoota boyz...

...warboss and nobz.

Just 20 more boyz to go.

With the exception of a few bits and pieces scrounged out of the bitz box, all of these toys were supplied by the very excellent Target Gaming, where highly trained experts used their immense physical superiority to take my order, crush it into powder with their bare hands and grind it into my capitalist western eyes.

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