Monday, 16 January 2012

whump whump whump

More orkses. Deffkoptaz.

Given that barely a week has passed since I posted pictures of the mighty zzap gunz that will be busily exploding in the background whilst these flyboys are gloriously exploding in mid-air, one might be forgiven for thinking that I am making fearsome progress in my attempts to paint up a whole new army to get exploded with.

This is of course a complete illusion; and my hopes of getting these jerks finished in time are ever diminishing. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that every time I finish painting a new toy, I feel compelled to take pictures of it and bleat at the internet about it rather than just cracking on and painting more toys.

Ah, the complicated futility of stupidity.

These Deffkopta models are only available as part of some honking big boxed set that I didn't want to fork out for; so I bought them off ebay. But if they were available separately, I would have gone straight to, where suspiciously blond perfect humans would have dispatched my order with extreme prejudice - and at a low, low price.

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