Thursday, 27 August 2009

god put a smile upon your face

Today, my cheerfulness was pushed to the very limits when I had to work on Menswear. Menswear is right next to the Audio & TV department, where in order to exhort the capabilities of their wares they decided to play Coldplay's "A Rush Of Blood To The Head".

Over and over again.

For four hours.

I am pleased to report that through a Herculean display of manliness, I managed not to blub like a little girl.

Not even slightly.


Matt said...

At least it was't Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills.

Pixie said...

I thought you liked ColdPlay Ben.... I thought that was how I knew you were gay?!?!?!

Marianne said...

He does like them...and The Scientist makes him cry like a child. Ha! < /schadenfreude >

Dave said...

Ha... i would've gone over to the AV dept and dealt out a fist full of righteous justice.... then put on some clutch!!!

Coldplay blow goats..... dead ones, by the side of the road.