Thursday, 12 August 2010

no stories, just toys

It's not that I haven't been doing stuff; although I must confess that now that I am solidly entrenched in my summer break, my days are mostly filled with toy soldiers, endless repeats of Top Gear, and bold voyages of 90's indie rediscovery.

But there's also been weddings, and barbecues, and day trips to medieval cities. Problem is, it's all been great; and no-one wants to hear about that.

I should probably start getting back into some project work in preparation for my fourth and final year. That'll give me plenty to complain about. Meanwhile, here's more toy soldiers.

This hideous creature is the warcaster for my Cryx force, which means it's her job to make sure that all my exploding steam-powered zombies shuffle in the right direction and explode at the right time. Apparently her name is Master Necrotech Mortenebra; but I like to call her Clicky Woman, as that's the noise I imagine she makes as she scuttles along on her ghastly robot spider legs. She is accompanied by a goon called Deryliss, who helps to cast spells and makes the tea.

These chaps are Defilers, although "the community" tends to refer to them as Death Chickens. As far as I can tell, their job is to rampage about and blast things with sticky corrosive goo before being smashed by bigger stuff.

And finally, Mechanithralls. Their special moves include punching stuff with their big fists, catching fire and dying (thanks Matt).


Matt said...

Dude, I can;t believe you've painted them all! They look cool, but I am looking forward to setting the rest of them on fire.

Pixie said...

Second paragraph, last sentence... check your use of the word 'here'... sheesh *eye roll*... honestly, you can't date a grammar Nazi and pull that crap!!!

Also... I was right the first time about Dante.. .Cervantes was Don Quixote... colour me smug :)


Pixie said...

Oh so changing your post but not removing my comment - now I look like a fool!!!!!

Gribbly space monsters look wonderful though... very nice paint job