Wednesday, 4 November 2009

god damn this noise inside my head

Not so long ago, my favourite online news spout The Daily Mash ran a story revealing that the skank gene had been isolated, in which they made reference to a "Dutch Steamboat". I assumed from the context in which it was used that this was an act of supreme vulgarity with a funny name, and promptly forgot all about it.

But then it turned up again here. And here, and here...

Dammit. Just what the hell is a Dutch Steamboat? Maybe it's some kind of steamboat...

Of course, I could have searched the interwebs... but then there's always a significant chance of seeing something that I can never un-see. I don't need my fragile little mind getting all warped 'n' stuff.

So thanks to The Boy, who was sufficiently bored at work on Tuesday to scour the interwebs and find this definition on The Urban Dictionary.

Dutch Steamboating - The act of anal sex undertaken whilst spouting left wing libertarian values whilst actually being secretly right wing.

Obvious, when you think about it.

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