Sunday, 29 March 2009


And so on Monday Ruth and I took a break from boardgames, online TV and tasty rum-based beverages, and headed into to town to see Mr Reginald D Hunter do his stand-up thang.

He was pretty funny. Reginald D Hunter's stand up is mostly just a lot of standing around and talking about stuff; he rambled through a variety of topics, including Hurricane Katrina ("...when I saw my people looting and stealing, just to survive... hell, I'm an educated man, I've read books... but it seems like I'm just one big thunderstorm away from sucking dick for potatoes..."), politics ("I hope he does good things, but I believe that the system will change the man before the man changes the system"), and a bunch of other stuff. Less telling jokes, more telling stories.

The show was held in the Phoenix, an inevitably somewhat pretentious "arts and media centre". Whilst standing around drinking and waiting for the show to start, Ruth and I spent some time debating whether a room full of scraps of wood nailed to other scraps of wood was a partially constructed art installation, or just a room full of crap. (Turns out it was a fully constructed art installation, which happened to take the form of a room full of crap).

I also found this tucked away in a little nook.

In exchange for a mere twenty pence, one could become the proud owner of an original and completely unique example of The Esoteric Miscellany of Hector & Claude. Because I am a sucker, I put in 20p and got this:

Yes, that's right, it's a small clear plastic egg containing a strip of film. On the film are images of an infant sat in front of a slender pair of legs.

I think I shall hide it away for a few years, and then when Hector & Claude have become world renowned and Nobel prize winning exponents of esoteric miscellany I shall bling it on eBay for a million billion pounds.

Unless anyone wants to give me a tenner for it now...

Right, onto the Beastmans. Or, to be more precise, Warhounds; shown here in all their cheap, disposable glory.

These guys are pretty much destined to be annihilated in every battle. Bad dogs.

The Warhounds are useful to have around, but not all that interesting. A Wargor Battle Standard Bearer, on the other hand...

This guy's vigorous flag waving ensures that there is a greater chance of my Warhounds passing their break tests, so allowing them to remain trapped in unwinnable combats against terrible foes that they have no chance of defeating.

What a hero.

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Willard said...

I saw reginald hunter do an amazing set, where he talked about his favourite film, "Boss Nigger"

I've linked to the trailer.

I laughed and laughed and laughed, especially when he played the whole funk soundtrack.

Lovely Banner btw.