Sunday, 8 February 2009


  • Roll a D6; 1's are bad.
  • No spitting, bombing or heavy petting.
  • Look left; look right; keep looking left and right.
  • Ensure all surfaces are free of dirt and grease.
  • Don't cross the streams.
  • At the end of each level you must defeat a boss.
  • Keep arms and legs inside the car at all times.
  • Depress for one second, then release.
  • Let the Wookie win.
  • If stuck for things to write about (or feeling a bit/very lazy), just make a list of crap and stick a picture of Clarence Bodecker in the middle of it.


Matt said...

Clarence Boddicker! Both badass and a bit rubbish at the same time.

Sam said...

...and looks abit like Matt too hmmm. Matt is there something you're not telling us?

Hooliganyouth said...

Awesome post. Hope you don't mind if I steal it.