Saturday, 30 August 2008

Week 1599: Good or Shit?

  • There was so little work for me to do this week that on Thursday, my greatest challenge involved photocopying and stapling.
  • I have suddenly and inexplicably started to be bombarded with spam, offering genuine replica R.O.L.E.X. watches and cheap viagra.
  • I left it too late to buy a ticket for the Warhammer Grand Tournament heats, and the whole thing is now sold out.
  • I am frequently so tired in the evenings that I cannot stay awake long enough to get drunk.
  • Reuben are on an indefinite hiatus.
  • It turns out that our tenancy agreement runs until May 2009, not December 2008 like I thought... so no Utopian House of Good Clean Fun in Exeter for me and Charlie Cat.
  • Urge to kill rising.
  • I have mice.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

It'll all be fine, just keep staring at things...eventually...the fire will come.