Tuesday, 1 April 2008

laziness is next to godliness

It’s been a busy couple of weeks of getting not very much done.

Not that I don’t have things to be doing; I should be ploughing on with such absorbing bits of coursework as the 3D CAD rendering of a hand drill, and then maybe a bit of Fourier series analysis of heat transfer through a three dimensional material…

But frankly, procrastinating is a far more appealing option.

My rekindled love for timewasting seems mostly to stem from Friday last week, when I got so drunk that I a) managed to make my life just a tiny bit more complicated for myself, and b) turned up to work the next day almost three hours late and still drunk. My family came to visit over the weekend, thus obliterating any hope of sobriety – I am fortunate enough to have a family with a good sense of humour, that likes to get drunk and play board games. We did a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, watched some banger racing in the arctic climes of the Mendips, and in my case managed to get threatened by a ginger cage fighter. Good times.

Of course, drinking isn’t the only great way to waste time – let’s not forget about the toy soldiers. On Tuesday Matt came over, and we built little houses for our little men.


Seriously, if you were a toy soldier geek you’d be going nuts right about now. (stupid well-adjusted normal people… mutter…….)

And then there is the shiny shiny sexbox 360 that Mr Dozer has decided to plonk in the living room, for no readily discernable reason. So now, if I’m not drinking or playing with toy soldiers, I’m racing cars and blasting zombies, and wondering if maybe (in the apparent absence of any kind of self-discipline) I should cut my own thumbs off so that I can’t play the damn thing anymore.


Marianne said...

when you say "built little houses for our little men"

All I can think of is you and mMAtt making a dolls house for your cocks.

Cass said...

I concur.