Tuesday, 27 November 2012

and oh, the sweetness of the air

It would be a shame to travel all the way to a country where they have regular V8 races and to not watch some V8 races; so last weekend I went to watch some V8 races.

On Saturday night I went to Woodford Glen Speedway to watch dirt track death racing with post apocalypse deathtrap cars of death.

It was sort of comparable to UK stock cars and banger racing; louder and faster (some of the modified stocks were pulling wheelies as they accelerated off the back of the final corner), but much less destructive.  Although one chap still managed to flip his Super Saloon on the back straight, messing up his car and bruising his elbow in the process.

The next day I went to Ruapuna Park to watch something slightly more civilised; V8 Supertourers, the Kiwi equivalent of Aussie V8 touring cars.  Support races took the form of Rennsport (a load of German stuff) and classic muscle car racing.

It was a pretty fun waste of a few days, and almost helped to take my mind off the fact that I was completely missing the final race of an enthralling F1 season.  Thanks, NZ telly.

I also finished painting some toys this week; a Big Mek with a kustum force field...

...and a Painboy with his grot minion.

The painboy is great for making Nobz mobz much more expensive and only slightly more survivable.  The Big Mek with his whizzy gubbinz does much the same thing but on a slightly larger scale; thereby having a mediocre effect on a much larger proportion of the army.

Sinister foreign confectionery; Whittaker's.  It's not a single type of chocolate bar - Whittaker's will happily sell you a whole range of yummy things to stuff into your stupid face.

I've chosen the Bittersweet Peanut Slab not because it is especially delicious (they're all delicious) or exotic (none of them are exotic), but because I like the black and gold packaging.  It reminds me of the JPS Lotus cars from the seventies and eighties.

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Matt said...

And you still want a Toyota to drive during the Apocalypse?