Wednesday, 29 December 2010

twinkle twinkle

blah blah blah christmas lights blah blah.

Fifth place:

Bonus points:
+1pt Remembered to turn lights on

-100pts They're shit

Total: -99pts

Fourth place:

Bonus points:
+10pts Trying to be tasteful

-50pts Trying and failing to be tasteful, because you still have lights on the front of your house. Pricks.

Total: -40pts

Third place:

Bonus points:
+25pts Almost painfully garish

-25pts Continuity error (more than one Santa)
-25pts Santa on see-saw with snowman (too much frolicking, implies poor work ethic)

Total: -25pts

Second place:

Bonus points:
+30pts Petty next door neighbour one-upmanship
+25pts Bazillion gigawatt planet-killer bonus

-60pts House on left looks a bit like a Ukrainian gay bar

Total: -5pts

First place:

Bonus points:
+1,000,000pts Visible from space

-1pt Insufficient epilepsy warning stickers

Total: +999,999pts

Merry Christmas, happy new year, etc.

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