Monday, 18 January 2010

mostly being rubbish

I've been staring at this screen for about four hours now, trying to get somewhere with a bit of design work for school. The process goes something like this.
  • Draw a line.
  • Stare at it for a bit.
  • Delete the line.
  • Draw the same line again.
  • Look at pointless crap on the internets for ten minutes.
  • Go back to staring at the line.
  • Contemplate how much work could have been completed in the time spent staring at lines and pointless crap.
  • Draw a circle.
...and so on. I'm frustrated partly by my inability to get to grips with the design problem, but mainly by the lack of self discipline that has seen me achieve precisely fuck all today.

And yet here I am, pointlessly tapping away. Sigh.

1 comment:

Willard said...

Just blow it all away ben.

Blow it all away..

No, seriously, we all procrastinate terribly over uni work.

I remember Matt, who you'd think was diligent as anything agonising over the fact he'd been supposed to be working on his thesis and instead had spent 6 hours painting a giant spitfire yellow.

The main thing is just get it done in the end. Once you actually start, I find it just pours out of you, like cheating from an Eldar player, or Bile from a cancerous cyst.

And I know which I'd rather spend time with. Anyway can't stop, I'm off to work, it being 8.30 am here...