Sunday, 25 January 2009

a) mostly b) impaired

There are two fun games to play in the canteen at the Big Gay Department Store.

The first is Hi-Lo Breakfast Pricing Gamble-o-rama. Select the same breakfast items each morning, and try to guess whether it will cost more or less than the previous week. Bonus points if you get the margin of difference correct (to the nearest five pence).

Game number two is Cake Or Death. There is always a wealth of splendid cakes on offer at tea time; and whilst it would be easy to take a slice of something that is known to be delicious - carrot cake, for example - there is a far more exciting emotional roller coaster to ride. Choose... THE MYS
TERY CAKE. The one with suspicious looking beige icing on it. It might turn out to be some kind of caramel-ish thing (Cake), and you will experience the heady thrill of having gambled all and come through victorious. On the other hand, it might be coffee flavoured (Death), and you will know the crushing pain of bitter disappointment.

Here is yesterday's specimen.

It turned out to be some kind of flapjacky thing, with innocuous brown bits in it; I determined it to be mostly Cake - Hoorah! Though I never managed to work out what the brown bits were. Possibly fig, or something.

So, in summary; it's been a slow week, and I have a hangover.


Matt said...

I cannot believe you posted about the works' canteen cake this week.

Willard said...

That cake looks like death.