Monday, 15 December 2008

We Almost Destroyed Bolshevism

So close... so very close...

Our weekly Luncheon Club Dedicated To The Destruction Bolshevism finished in joint first place at the pub quiz Sunday night, leaving us with the following tie-breaker question;

"I recently had to go to Brixham in Devon to do some work" quoth the quizmaster. "What did I claim as mileage for the round trip?"

Naturally, with victory so tantalisingly within our grasp, we blew it. For two main reasons:
  1. We massively underestimated the distance between Bristol and Brixham.
  2. We massively underestimated the extent to which the quizmaster was willing to fiddle his expense claims.

Meanwhile, nothing else has happened this week. So here's some toy soldiers instead.

These guys (or half of them, at least) comprise my current Necromunda gang. They are called The Adeptus Ataris, and are basically servitors converted out of flagellants, zombies, chimneys and guns. In theory I'm using the Van Saar rules for them; but I mostly seem to be using the Serious Injuries table instead.


Matt said...

According to Google, the distance from Bristol to Brixham and back is 204 miles. We stated 171 as I recall. The bar staff claimed 250, I think, therefore proving they totally fiddled their expenses.

Marianne said...

Dude, is that carpet in that picture?
That's seriously ugly.
Poor thing.

Matt said...

I've just realised what that is! It's the old throw from 21 Florence Park's sofa, now currently occupied as the the surface of the planet Necroumnda.

Pixie said...

Is the throw still stained with spaghetti of Dan Vallellys past?

Marianne said...

Nooo man, I was eating spaghetti and then I fell asleep and then had like this crazy nightmare and woke up in a park and thats why I'm late for work Ben.

< /dan impression >

Matt said...

*Looks hurt* - this isn't Florence Park anymore - we have cleaned since then.