Sunday, 2 September 2007

Sharks don’t look back, because they have no necks

Last Monday was a bank holiday; therefore the bangers were on; therefore we went to watch the bangers. Brave knights of the road did battle with no thought for their own personal gain or safety, first in the usual assortment of gaily-coloured clapped-out motors, then in a glorious figure-of-eight Reliant Robin destruction derby, and finally in bangers towing caravans. It was pretty damn awesome.

Aside from that, it’s been a fairly slow week; I’ve been tweaking (ie. completely re-writing) my CV for this Cern placement application thingy, and have now got it to the point where even I think it makes me sound employable. Sort of. Jeff “Smash Your Foes, See Them Scatter Before You, And Hear The Lamentation Of Their Women” McDeath has been around a fair bit too, so naturally there has been a bit of drinking and Blood Bowl. If it seems as though Jeff spends a lot of time at our house, that’s because he does. Jeff doesn’t have a great time in his own home, mainly because he regards his mother as dominating and unreasoning matriarchal dictator, whilst she regards him as a disorganised, lazy and irresponsible stoner that’s far too content to just bimble through life at his own pace. They are of course both right, which explains why Jeff failed to get onto the teaching course he had planned to do this year; and also why he is now trying to get a job in recruitment consultancy far, far away from his mother, in London. He’s had a few interesting interviews with some very self-important people in expensive suits, who mostly seem interested in how ruthless he can be, and whether or not he possesses the same kind of maniacal greed more commonly found in Bond villains.

Mr Dozer’s got himself a job, working at a friend’s motorbike shop. Here’s what he did at work this week.

That’s not all he did, of course; he also made one for The Boy and one for me, and liberated a pair of all-weather motorcycle boots for himself.

And finally, I went see the Transformers movie. I’ve loved Transformers since I was a kid, and was expecting to be massively disappointed by the film; mainly because most of the characters transform into the wrong things… yes, I’m that kind of geek.

The fact is that it’s really easy to find fault with the film. But do you know what? Giant robots are fucking cool. And theres an awful lot of giant robots smashing stuff up in that film. I give it seven thumbs up.

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